David K. Israel has been telling stories with music, words and through the lens for more than two decades. He's composed commissioned scores for numerous critically acclaimed dance pieces, working with companies such as Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp and the New York City Ballet. David has also produced, written and sold feature films and TV pilots. His first novel was published by Random House and translated and sold in a number of countries.

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Full Circle

Recorded in studios across the globe by a long list of stellar musicians and audio engineers, this album features a wide variety of my music for dance spanning three decades. From my early "Duets for Violin and Piano," written in my 20s, to the more recent "El Matador," written at the end of 2022.

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Get your woo-woo on, California-style, with these eight, chill, pieces recorded in my home studio in Los Angeles.

Podcast Interviews

New York City Ballet

Host and Associate Artistic Director Wendy Whelan is joined by composer David K. Israel, who is creating a new work for the 2022 spring's 50th anniversary Stravinsky Festival. 

Jazz Guitar Life

Jazz Guitar Life sat down with composer, producer, screenwriter and author David K. Israel to talk about his early association, friendship and collaboration with the late, great Pat Martino. 

The Artist's Voice

David K. Israel is a composer of primarily dance pieces. Join us today as we dive into his story, as well as explore some interesting topics like, “how one composes music for ballet."


Biz: CAA  (424) 288-2000
Personal: david 'at' davidkisrael.me

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